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The Broken Quiet

A Brandon Freeman Film

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The Broken Qiuet was very well recieved at the Idaho Internation Film Festival. Click here to go to the I2F2 page for The Broken Quiet.

Edgar, an alcoholic with 355 days sober under his belt, is given the chance to reunite with his estranged 17 year old daughter, Ashlee, after his ex-wife, her mother, passes away. Edgar has six months to make up for a robbed childhood before Ashlee turns eighteen and becomes her own woman. He desperately tries to reach out to her, but with his own wounded heart still deathly ill, Edgar's words fall flat.

Ashlee seeks a mindless, casual relationship with Josh, a boyfriend with good intentions and little else, but soon finds his tender heart undesirable. Unfortunately for Ashlee, she realizes soon after their relationship is severed that she is pregnant. Edgar must now not only reconcile himself to his daughter, but do his best to be there for her in this new struggle. But still, she wants nothing to do with him, and makes a devastating choice that marks her for life. Can Edgar become the father he never was to a daughter who refuses to forgive?


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